Important changes as of April 1st

We will join forces with the other local GS1 organisations. This enables us to create an optimal customer experience and expand our services, because we are stronger together. 

To the new website


What is new?

The new platform offers two new services:

•    You can request or renew your LEI for multiple years and get a discount. Your LEI will be automatically validated on a yearly basis.
•    You can buy an LEI certificate with every request.


Discover the new services


We will continuously improve our platform and add new services as the need arises.


What changes for you?

For existing customers, the new platform implies some small practical changes:

-    A new website and customer portal replaces the current website. All your LEI data will be transferred, including e.g. power of attorney (if applicable). When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to set a new password and you’re ready to go!
-    We will use  a new e-mail domain for all our communication regarding LEI: domain. Make sure we are on your whitelist ?.
-    The invoicing party will be GS1 AISBL instead of GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg. Nevertheless, you will still be able the set your invoicing data with every request.

What stays the same?

We stay as close as we were before with the same support team, communication in your own language and we can still be reached via